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Friends No Matter What

Written by Kim Heaton Ramsay

About the author, Kim Heaton Ramsay

Kim is a registered dietitian. She became a RDN because she was very interested in the healthcare field and got hooked after taking a nutrition class her first year in college, perceiving that proper nutrition has a direct bearing on one’s overall health and well-being.

As a child and young adult, Kim enjoyed writing. She wanted to write a children’s book when her children were young, but waited until they went to college.

Kim did not set out to write a book about acceptance/ anti-bullying. She came to the realization that acceptance of others, despite physical or cultural differences, is a message that children need to hear from a young age. The book was written because Kim wanted to help make this world a better place in which to live. The book is a great tool to use to talk with children about this very important topic. Her wish is for all children to learn at a young age that every person should be treated with kindness, courtesy and respect. Teasing or behaving meanly toward another person is never okay.

Kim is married to her husband of thirty- seven years and has two grown children. Additionally, she has been blessed with five grandchildren to date (four of them are quadruplets under the age of three)!

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Marley Mouse wants to make some new friends. During Marley’s search she meets four kind creatures who are very different from her.  Sweet Marley accepts them completely without hesitation and offers her friendship to each of them despite their differences.

This colorfully illustrated children’s story speaks to acceptance of those who are different.

Marley’s story is a great way to speak with both pre-school and school-aged children about bullying. Children should be guided to show kindness to everyone, just as Marley does.

Television Interviews

These television interviews were done when the original version of the book was published. The previous title of the book was Will you Be My Friend?.  When Kim chose the title for the book she had no idea there are numerous books with the same name.  She decided to republish the book adopting the title Friends No Matter What to give more attention to the book itself. The content of the book is the same, with the exception of a short addition to the end of the book as Marley reflected on her day.


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